Sunday, October 30, 2011

Marcelas Owens: 11 Year Old Activist

Marcelas Owens gets a pat from Vice President Joe Biden as President  Barack Obama  signs the health care reform. 
 “Health care is not a privilege, it’s a right,” Owens said. Marcelas Owens proves that you are never too young to become involved with something that you care so deeply about. On March 10, 2010, Marcelas Owens, an 11-year-old from Seattle, was the star of a press conference with Senate Democratic leadership. He did not let his youth interfere with his confidence as he told a room full of reporters, “…I want Barack Obama and Congress and everybody to come together and to help get the health care bill passed.” Next, Marcus told the room his personal story and how he has had to face hardships in losing his mother because of the harshly expensive health care in the United States. “I am here because of my mom," explains Owens. “My mom was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in 2006. She missed so much work she lost her job. And when my mom lost her job, she lost her health care. And losing her health care ended up costing her her life.”  When asked of his reasons for promoting a health care reform he states, “I don’t want any other kids to go through the pain that our family has gone through. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid agrees with Owens and continues to say that Marcelas’s story confirms in blatant terms why the country needs this health insurance form. Harry Reid says, “When she lost her job, she lost her health insurance. Because she lost her health insurance, she lost her life.”
Twelve days later, Marcelas happened to get a call from the White House. Then, that night he took the red-eye flight to Washington D.C. On March 23, 2010, Marcelas’s dreams came true as he stood by President Barack Obama’s side as he signed the health care reform into law. President Obama told the audience that he was signing the heal care reform in honor of Marcelas’s mother and in memory of her life here on earth. The health care reform makes health care more affordable, holds insurers accountable, and expands coverage to all Americans.  Today, the health care bill has expanded coverage to over 32 million Americans.
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